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Are you thinking about a career ministry in Germany? Would you like to gain personal experience in order to gain perspective and make an informed decision? Consider a short-term visit to Aschaffenburg.

We offer the opportunity to intern in our ministry in order to see up close and personal what ministry in Germany is like. We minister to post-modern Germans, especially among an educated younger generation. Yes, we are German-speaking, but around 30% of our congegration-base is fluent in English.

Ministry areas could include:

  • Evangelism and outreach events
  • Youth
  • Video production
  • Operation Judea - our effort to impact cities within a 50 kilometer radius around our city.

Length of stay:

Anyone with a valid passport can enter Germany with a three month tourist visa, so our internship is limited to a maximum two month stay. The length can customized to your needs and can be at any time of year.


The church campus has guest housing with facilities that have private rooms. A kitchen is in the housing, so it would be living in the culture, just as anyone would - you would provide for yourself. A washer and dryer are also on site.


You are responsible for providing for own needs. It would be suggested to allow for Euro 100.00 per week for food costs. Travel costs are extra should you want to do any sigth-seeing or touring while in Germany.


It is required to apply directly via the internship application process. It will require that you register and sign in each time. Use the Application Process Page.

Much of the time here would be self-paced, so we are looking for people that are self-motivated and can entertain themselves. This is an active ministry so active responsibilities prohibit high-maintenance guests.