Just out of observation from those that ask for an opportunity to share a struggle, it seems that there are really not that many problems among people. You would think otherwise. Although the stories are different, although the pain is real, you would think that we would be able to wrestle with the commonality and find some answers, but we don't.

One of the main roots leading people to lose grip on their situation, one of the main things that leads people to get swallowed up in temptation is the feeling of entitlement. When the rockstar, the sports figure, the politician, or the prominent come to believe they deserve special treatment, or can explain away their behavior due to some extenuating circumstances, it won't be long before some kind of tabloid headline trumpets the stumble for the entire world to see. At the very least, we will find ourselves always unable to get the brass ring we hoped to receive, and in our own perception, things never really work out. We are setting ourselves up for permanent frustration.

  • I know I can't afford it, but I have worked hard lately.
  • Oh, calories don't count when you are on vacation.
  • People in my position are expected to drive a bigger car.
  • Since my wife is not affectionate, this website keeps my interest.

Wayde Goodall, in Why Great Men Fall, points out common traits of this malady.

Getting stuck in our own world view. We stop growing, we stop learning, and we no longer need the team.
Being unwilling to change. We think that our way is the only "really right" way.
Thinking we are unfallible. We believe we do everything with excellence and - in the world of executives - we are really the best.

Wayde Goodall, Why Great Men Fall, pg. 21-22

One sentence rings out with clarity. Goodall writes:

Excessive pride will make us unaware of the small failures that are symptoms of the big failure that could destroy us.

The sense of entitlement will convince you that your marriage is worthless. It leads leaders to make stupid, stupid choices. You see it clearly in others, but not really in the mirror. Here is the sad truth: It's destination is never where you want to be.

Just my observation.

Keith Gandy - GermanyKeith Gandy - Germany

Keith, originally from the desert of Phoenix, Arizona, has been planting a church in Aschaffenburg, Germany for over thirty years. Daughter churches have also been started and missionaries have been sent out of the congregation. Annually, he participates in encouraging other European church-planters and frequently travels to visit them in their respective field of service.

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