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On Christmas day 2014 the movie Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie hits the theaters.

Back in 2011 I reported on the book Unbroken (here), written by Laura Hillenbrand, which is the backdrop for the screenplay for the film.

In Germany the film hits theaters on January 15.

Life change is one off the greatest apologetic evidences there is - Zamperini and his PTSD following the brutal treatment in a Japanese POW prison camp, left him looking for resources to handle his sick soul. He turned to pornography and alcohol, leaving his marriage in tatters.

Placing his trust in Christ at a 1949 Billy Graham crusade in LA won't make the silver screen, but it changed his outlook and his life.
The Washington Post reports on the movie (here):

But Ms. Jolie’s movie covered just 33 out of 39 of the book’s chapters — and only mentioned in passing Mr. Zamperini’s pivotal 1949 conversion to Jesus Christ, Mr. Graham said.

Those final chapters are actually the most important part of the book, Mr. Graham said, since they explain how Mr. Zamperini really became “unbroken” — his post-war struggles with revenge, nightmares, alcoholism and a failing marriage were turned around after he gave his life to Jesus Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade revival led by the legendary evangelist.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has produced a 30 minute documentary to be released on their site on Christmas Day. Here is their trailer.
This is the site for the Zamperini Story at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association - (here).
Zamperini says this:
"The heart of this story is when I found Christ as my Savior," Zamperini said. "That's the heart of my whole life."

I have already enjoyed the book and pray that many doors are opened for the Gospel.
One historical footnote: I know a man, a dear friend, here in our city, who was present as a ten year old boy, at those 1936 olympics in Berlin and watched Louis Zamperini and Jesse Owens compete.


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I'd like to borrow the book, if you have it on paper (not as an e-book).
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