The tension in vocational ministry

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While this article is not intending to be a pity party by any stretch, statistics of vocational pastors (in the USA) are sobering at best.

According to the New York Times (August 1, 2010) "Members of the clergy now suffer from obesity, hypertension and depression at rates higher than most Americans.  In the last decade, their use of antidepressants has risen, while their life expectancy has fallen.  Many would change jobs if they could."

1,500 pastors leave their ministries each month due to burnout, conflict, or moral failure.

Why do I love to travel?

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Recently I had a conversation with my daughter-in-law, who was somewhat perplexed that while I have now flown over 1200 flights in my career, I do not enjoy the hassle of plane travel. I love to be either at point A or point B, but the inbetween is often time lost. Flying is romantic only for those that do have not flown frequently. Travel to the airport two hours early, clear security, waiting for the flight to depart, a long international flight covering multiple time zones, often a stop or two to change planes / carriers / claim your luggage, clear customs, recheck baggage, get through security (again), etc. There is no small stress placed on you physically, plus the added strain of being away from family.

So ... why? I do travel, but what is the motivation? To connect.

Keith Gandy - GermanyKeith Gandy - Germany

Keith, originally from the desert of Phoenix, Arizona, has been planting a church in Aschaffenburg, Germany for over thirty years. Daughter churches have also been started and missionaries have been sent out of the congregation. Annually, he participates in encouraging other European church-planters and frequently travels to visit them in their respective field of service.

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