Missionary Stress Levels

The following is a guest blog entry [Editor: Used with permission] from Brian and Bailey Pruett, serving in the Phillipines. I found it extremely helpful as I seek to understand and address attrition rates among missionaries. No one starts on the long and expensive journey to minister cross-culturally to end up either sick or emotionally distraught and hopeless. Nonetheless, it happens all too often.

A cost of living for Jesus

It has finally happened! I have been counted worthy to be called out and named as dangerous. Along with the early church leaders, I count it an honor to be misaligned.

A young man doing research on our church, since he has been attending regularly made me aware that I am personally named as a sect leader in Aschaffenburg on an internet site, even providing my home address. I have no idea what the reason for providing my personal address would be and thankfully to this point no mob has shown up with pitchforks, torches and tar.

Installing a staff pastor

On Sunday, February 9th, our church crossed a major milestone in our history - we installed Noël Kachouh as executive pastor. While I remain the senior pastor - my responsibilities and gifts lie in the visionary direction of the body, Noël will focus on teaching, small groups and volunteer workers.

Keith Gandy - GermanyKeith Gandy - Germany

Keith, originally from the desert of Phoenix, Arizona, has been planting a church in Aschaffenburg, Germany for over thirty years. Daughter churches have also been started and missionaries have been sent out of the congregation. Annually, he participates in encouraging other European church-planters and frequently travels to visit them in their respective field of service.

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