Last September I had a video shoot for some promo material. As I storyboarded out the graphics, I had put down a railroad overpass as an interesting background. The old bridge has some history to it - Patton's tank troops used it to breach their way across the Main River, in order that they might attack the city of Aschaffenburg in spring of 1945.

While shooting the footage, I found an interesting inscription in the sandstone bridge entrance. Remembering the carving, I implemented it into a video promo for an outreach project to take place in June 2011.

Watch the video and it will probably make more sense. It does make me wonder whatever happened to ol' Barksdale.


Keith Gandy - GermanyKeith Gandy - Germany

Keith, originally from the desert of Phoenix, Arizona, has been planting a church in Aschaffenburg, Germany for over thirty years. Daughter churches have also been started and missionaries have been sent out of the congregation. Annually, he participates in encouraging other European church-planters and frequently travels to visit them in their respective field of service.

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